Free Sample! SBS 188  styrene butadiene styrene Rubber – BEC Materials

Free Sample and Product Customization!Recommended grades according to your needs

ALTERNATIVE GRADES: Vector 2518,Kraton 1157E


Styrene Content (%) :32

Oil Content  (%):0

MFI  (g/10min): 5.00- 9.00

Shore A  (/):85±5

Solution Viscosity  (25%,25℃,mPa.s):-

Tensile Strength  (Mpa)≥20

Elongation  (%)≥700

Stress at 300%  (Mpa)≥2.0

Volatility  (%)≤0.70


SBS Hot Melt Adhesive (Parts by mass)

SBS(YH188):15 – 60

Tackifying Resin:10 – 50

Other:4 – 45


Marked by low molecular weight and high transparency, SBS rubber 188 is polystyrene(S)-polybutadiene(B)-polystyrene(S) triblock copolymer with styrene content of 32%.

APPLICATION:Adhesive / Compounding/shoes


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