H.B. Fuller to Present its Full Range of Adhesives at ICE 2017

H.B. Fuller to Present its Full Range of Adhesives at ICE 2017

H.B. Fuller will show its full range of high cohesion, solvent-based acrylic and rubber-based adhesive solutions for the tapes, labels and protective film markets at ICE 2017.

According to H.B. Fuller, the unique compounded adhesives described use in-house polymers that create differentiation and deliver improved product quality, increased efficiency and production output.

“From increased versatility of specialty tapes to higher adhesion or temperature performance, our market proven range of solvent-based pressure sensitive adhesives has been designed by scientists to meet the performance and supply chain demands of today’s dynamic and rapidly developing converting market,” said Melanie Lack, business manager, tapes and labels, EIMEA.

H.B. Fuller’s solvent-based portfolio consist of solutions for a wide range of applications. The selection of product relies on requirements, such as carriers, substrates, aging conditions and the balance between tack, adhesion and cohesion.

H.B. Fuller tailors its product and process innovations to meet its customers’ specific needs, such as improving product quality and increasing efficiency and production output.

“The tape and label market is a highly technical one in which decision-makers typically select products in consultation with a supplier. It’s understandable that many customers want to be sure that their supplier can provide expert R&D and technical support, a reliable local supply chain and consistent product quality. In the case of H.B. Fuller, with dedicated staff located throughout Europe, India, Middle East and Africa, and backed by the expertise and resources of our global organization, customers can feel confident about supply security,” added Lack.


view more: http://www.becmaterials.com/news/162-hb_fuller_to_present_its_full_range_of_adhesives_at_ice_2017


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