SAM Products of SINOPEC Baling: New Solution for Asphalt Modification

New Solution for Asphalt Modification

SAM products manufactured by SINOPEC Baling Company, including YH1601, YH1602, and YH1603, provide new solution for asphalt modification, especially in self-adhering waterproofing membrane and asphalt pavement, with excellent performances.

SAM is a new product type of styrenic block copolymer (SBC) family. It has the combined properties of SBS and SIS, and its price is between that of SBS and SIS. This makes it very cost-effective. With special polymer structure, SAM is able to reduce fish eye and other defects of modified asphalt, and improve the flexibility of modified asphalt at low temperature and the ability of being stored at high temperature for a long period of time. Furthermore, in the manufacture of self-adhering waterproofing membrane, SAM can be directly applied in the self-adhering layer instead of the conventional method that requires to mix SBS, SIS and rubber powder together to make the waterproofing self-adhering layer. This can greatly enhance production efficiency and save costs.

In addition, SAM’s special structure makes it superior to SBS and SIS in certain applications. As a new type of thermoplastic elastomer, SAM is expected to lead the asphalt modification sector.

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