Thermoplastic elastomer styrene block copolymer SAM rubber 1601


Thermoplastic elastomer SAM (self adhesive membrane) rubber 1601, made by styrene butadiene isoprene styrene, is mainly used for reinforced waterproofing membranes, asphalt modification, and others. SAM rubber 1601 has better low temperature resistance.

SIS 1505+_meitu_10


Asphalt modification



Structure : L

Styrene Content  (%):  30

Diblock Content  (%): –

MFR  (g/10min) : ≤0.1

Hardness Shore A  (/):   70±8

Tensile Strenth  (Mpa) :   7

Volatility  (%): 1

Ash  (%): 0.2

YI  (/):  7


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