How to Deal with the Sticky Texture of TPE/TPR Products?

Problem Description

Some products made from TPE/TPR granules have sticky texture.

Problem Analysis

TPE/TPR granules are thermoplastic elastomers produced by compounding SEBS and SBS (worked as substrate), compounding oil, reinforced resins, compatiblizing agents, functional additives, and fillers.

  1. Amount of added compounding oil

Compounding oil is one of the indispensable constituents of TPE/TPR granules. The addition of compounding oil can improve TPE/TPR’s plasticity, but it also may result in the sticky texture of TPE/TPR products. The hardness of TPE/TPR granules is in the range of Shore A0~100. Generally speaking, the more compounding oil added, the softer TPE/TPR products, and the stickier texture TPE/TPR products will have.

  1. Influence of substrate

In the TPE industry, the compounds using SEBS and SBS as substrate are usually called TPE and TPR respectively. SEBS is the hydrogenated SBS and superior to SBS in oil absorbency, namely for the same mass numbers of SEBS and SBS, SEBS can absorb more compounding oil, or the surface of SEBS-based TPE products are not easy to be sticky compared with that of SBS-based TPR products. SBS-based TPR granules have hardness below Shore A50~60. They are prone to cake in summer due to the high temperature, and the products made from TPR granules have relatively stickier texture. SEBS-based TPE products rarely have sticky texture except those made from super soft materials with hardness below Shore A15.

Recommended Solution

Based on the above analysis, the products made from SBS-based TPR granules are easy to have sticky texture, especially at high temperature. Hence, it is recommended that manufacturers use SEBS-based TPE granules for product production to deal with the sticky texture of TPR products.

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