New Hot Melt Adhesive Deals with Agricultural Packaging Problems

New Hot Melt Adhesive Deals with Agricultural Packaging Problems.png

Fresh produce packaged in corrugated cardboard trays or cellular propylene leads to demands for packaging adhesives. The produce is live, subjected to refrigeration, and it may be transported by refrigerated sea freight for several days or weeks only to be subjected to contrasting temperatures during inspection and distribution after its arrival.

Metallocene hot melt adhesives have not previously shown any advantages that would make them worth using in agricultural packaging, although they have been widely used in industrial packaging. After extensive research, it was found that a new formula would be necessary to make them useful to the agricultural sector.

BADRINAS, an established Spanish producer of hot melt adhesives, has announced its soon to be released SEMPACOL Innovation AGRI adhesive. This adhesive will allow the fresh produce packaging industry the option of a metallocene hot melt adhesive specifically formulated for agricultural packaging.

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